280 Harry Potter Team Names And Cool Suggestions

Harry Potter is an incredibly popular movie franchise that is widely known and enjoyed by people of all ages. The names of the various groups within the franchise are based on the beloved characters from the movies and novels. With countless fans worldwide, many enthusiasts of the franchise aspire to create their own Harry Potter-themed groups. However, finding a suitable name for such a team can be quite challenging, as a good name is essential for establishing its identity.

Establishing a good name is essential to defining a brand’s identity. To make it easy, we have curated the best collection of Harry Potter teas.

We have gathered a list of names from different sources. Let’s proceed with them.

Harry Potter Team Names

Names are the identity of your team. Here you will find the best name collection for the Harry Potter team. So, check it out.

  • Moaning Myrtle
  • Dumbledamn
  • Wand You Up
  • Katie’s Bells
  • Team Dobby
  • Patonga Proudsticks
  • Wand You Up
  • Triwizards Champs
  • Snapes on a Plane
  • Thundelarra Thunderers
  • Wailing Winners
  • Hit it and Quidditch
  • Dumbledorks
  • Plain Filchy
  • The Gryffindors
  • The Marauderians
  • Wit Beyond Measure

Funny Harry Potter Team Names

Here you will find some funny names for your team. You can attract people by using these funny names. So, check it out.

  • The Elder WandBand
  • Chicken & Quaffles
  • Wimbourne Wasps
  • Le Strange
  • The House Elves
  • The Chizpurfles
  • Smarter Than the Hat
  • Wingardium Triviosa
  • Gorodok Gargoyles
  • The Hufflepuffs
  • Voldy’s Sidekicks
  • Moaning Muggles
  • The Poltergeists
  • The Longbottoms
  • The Dugbogs
  • Appleby Arrows
  • The Snitches

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Harry Potter Group Names For Friends

Here you will find some group names for friends. So, scroll down and pick a name of your choice.

  • Goblets of Ire
  • The Gryffindors
  • The Roonil Wazlibs
  • The Deluminators
  • Buckbeaks
  • Ravenclaw Club
  • The Gobstones
  • Trolls in the Dungeon
  • The Ashwinders
  • Mystical McGonagalls
  • The Quizoner of Azkaban
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • The Gryffindor Lions
  • Dumb-Bullock-Doors
  • The Seekers
  • Dumbledorks
  • Diagon Alley
  • Wimbourne Wasps

Cool Harry Potter Team Names

Here you will find some cool names for your team. You can grab people’s attention through these names. So, check it out.

  • The Griffyndors
  • Purely Draconian
  • Not Potter’s Army
  • The Lupines
  • The Patronuses
  • Quidditch Quest
  • The Scarheads
  • Minerva’s Mister Minds
  • Enchanting Bakers
  • Erised’s Desire
  • The Ashwinders
  • Erised’s Desire
  • The Trio
  • The Prefects
  • Snitches Get Stitches
  • Knights of Walpurgis
  • Wimbourne Wasps

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Harry Potter Team Name Generator

Here you will find some good names for your team. So, scroll down and pick a name for your team.

  • Dumb Bull Doors
  • The Scarheads
  • The Snitches
  • Crook shanks
  • Ride the Hippo Griff
  • Godric Gryffindor
  • Tom Marvolo Leader
  • Where Girl
  • The Cleansweeps
  • Querulous Quirrell Lasses
  • Ganged Feranium
  • Gobstones Club
  • The Gobstones
  • The Imperius
  • Ride the Hippo Griff
  • Nym phadora
  • Expecto Pectrum
  • Owl a Post

Harry Potter Team Name Ideas

Here you will find the best collection of Harry Potter team name ideas. So, check it out.

  • Griffin
  • The Longbottoms
  • The Parseltongues
  • Potter House
  • Snitches and Witches
  • The Dugbogs
  • The Tinderblasts
  • The Slytherin Snakes
  • The Fire Crabs
  • Team Quizzitch
  • Moaning Myrtle
  • Buckbeaks
  • Sneaky Goblins
  • Sirius Blackmons
  • The Beaters
  • Prisoners Of Azkaban
  • Charmed Club
  • Moste Potente Potions
  • Trolls in the Dungeon
  • Knights of Walpurgis
  • The Slytherins
  • Knights of Walpurgis
  • That’s So Ravenclaw

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Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

Here you will find some awesome name ideas for your group. So, scroll down and pick a name of your choice.

  • Mindblowing Mandrakes
  • Crumple-Horned Snorkacks
  • Accio Beer!
  • Guiding Lights
  • Fawks
  • Grodzisk Goblins
  • Voldy’s Moldies
  • The Peverell Brothers
  • The Chasers
  • Xeno Feeling Myself
  • The Nifflers
  • The Daily Prophets
  • The Tinderblasts
  • Chamber Of Secrets
  • Famous Fire-Eaters
  • Trolls in the Dungeon
  • Patronus Legion
  • Purely Draconian
  • The Slytherin Snakes
  • The Half Blood Artist Formerly Known As Prince
  • The Wise Pensieves
  • Daily Prophets
  • The Chasers
  • Hogwarts Express
  • Crumple-Horned Snorkacks
  • Voldy’s Moldies
  • Faster Than A Firebolt

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